What We Do


With over a decade of organizing experience Arab community, we are finely attuned to the needs of the people and the impact of policies. As embedded and trusted members of the community, we have unrivaled connections that give us unique insights into how candidates and organizations can reach and mobilize people on the ground and through the media. A core part of our strengths is our experience with and ability to organize events, rallies, and secure necessary permits from elected officials within the Arab/Muslim community. Through these events and rallies we offer candidates opportunities to have face-to-face interactions with large swaths of the Arab American community, hear the concerns of the constituents, and share their policy goals.

Campaign Outreach Strategy

Our commitment to supporting and growing long-lasting community institutions has a range of unique relationships that can help influence the credibility of our candidate among Arab-American voters.

  • Serve as campaign liaison and advise on issues that impact the community.

  • Leverage our network of community members to support political campaigns through outreach and distribution of materials at mosques, restaurants, and bodegas.  

  • Act as intermediaries with progressives throughout New York City.

  • Lead in the operations and logistics of introducing projects to the community.


  • Develop social media strategies and translate messaging into Arabic.

  • Leverage our network of digital assets to amplify key client initiatives and increase visibility.

  • Test messages with certain communities through paid media to ensure the issues our clients emphasize remain in line with the most prominent issues faced by the community.

  • Advise strategy to ensure that messaging is appropriately tailored to the Arab community.


  • Translation services on messaging and social media for Arabic to English and English to Arabic

  • Consult on issues related to the Arab American community at any given time.

  • Provide information in Arabic about candidate events, legislation, and policy areas.

  • Develop a tailored calendar that highlights and organizes client events and appearances to target voter attention.

  • Outreach to, and integration with, Arab American media platforms (radio, newspapers, TV, YouTube) in southern Brooklyn and NYC.

  • Use strong relationships with progressive journalists and think tanks to secure earned and paid media placements and coverage.


  • Help identify and hire experienced and trusted community members to engage the Arab community in GOTV efforts.

  • Provide a detailed plan for on-the-ground action in various neighborhoods that is unique, tailored, and personal.